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Georgia likes and waits!

  • Destination: Georgia
  • Duration: 5 nights

Ancient history, unique culture and as yet little known country – these factors make the travel to Georgia, especially interesting, unforgettable and attractive to tourists. This country is rich with architectural monuments of ancient history. Traveling to Georgia you will find many places with wildlife, the country’s colorful nature makes travel to Georgia impressive and unforgettable. Georgians believe that “the guest is by the Lord” and therefore warm hospitality is well known for our guests.

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Day 1
Arrival in Kutaisi. Meeting at the airport. Transfer to Tbilisi (250 km). Accommodation at the hotel.
Day 2
Visiting Tbilisi, it is necessary to visit the Sulphuric baths. Arab sages talked about bath of Tbilisi to “Wonders of the World”. Griboyedov, Alexander Dumas and Alexander Pushkin liked to go here. Attendant (mekise) will work wonders with you and natural sulfuric water will make you younger. After the bath you can walk in the Old Tbilisi with its narrow streets and beautiful balconies, visit to the fortress Narikala. You can see the Tbilisi`s mosque (the one on the world where the Shiity and Sunitty pray together). Climbing up to the fortress , you will see spectacular views of the ancient but eternally young city. You can walk along the street Shardeni (Tbilisi Arbat), there are many cafes and restaurants. You can make a photo of the original monument Sergo Parajanov and toastmaster monument. Lunch. Visit to Sioni Cathedral. Walking along the new bridge, which is the second design complexity in the world. Visit the Cathedral Metekhi (VII c.). You will see a monument to the founder of the city – the king of Georgia Vakhtang Gorgasali, where the guide will tell the legend of Tbilisi. At the end of the day visit to the Cathedral Sameba – it is the largest cathedral in Georgia, complex of 13 churches. The next visit will be in the pantheon of famous figures of Georgia , which is located on Mount Mtatsminda (Holy Mountain). In the evening, you’re in the “World of Wine”. Going there you would think that this wine shop. Looking around , you will see that there is also a small restaurant , but the miracle is waiting for you on the ground floor – in a century Tbilisi cellar , which produces champagne, using the classic bottle (French) method of champagnization . Here you will learn about the technology of preparation of champagne ” Kiuve Margot .” Do you heard somewhere that the center of the city prepared sparkling wine? Dinner.
Day 3
Transfer to the ancient capital of Georgia – eternal city Mtskheta (15 minutes from Tbilisi). Three times to pray here is equivalent to one pray in Jerusalem. The city is one of the oldest cathedrals Georgia Djvari (VI c). It offers a wonderful panoramic view of the eternal city , which was built at the confluence of the Kura and Aragvi rivers. Visit to the Cathedral of Mtskheta (XI c.) where is a shrine of all Christians – the tunic of Jesus Christ in which he was at the crucifixion. In the convent Samtavro you will find many surprising. You will see a small church and next to the blackberry bush from the time of St. Nino (St. Nino spread Christianity in Georgia and she is considered the Enlightener of Georgia). The next visit to located a few kilometers away in a mountain gorge the monastery complex Shiomghvime. Return to Tbilisi.
Day 4
On the famous Georgian Military Highway Transfer to to Stephantsminda village located at the foot of Mountain Kazbek. On the way visit to the fortress – Ananuri monastery, which is located at Jinvali reservoir. Overcoming Cross Pass, you will see the towers in every village, which is a medieval “mobile” link – fires fueled on the tower and reported in other villages of impending trouble. In Stephantsminda climb on foot to Monastero Gergeti Trinity – 1.5 hours (for extra charge can climb on machines or on horses). Walk along the Darialsky gorge to Russian-Georgian border, you will see Gveletsky waterfall and you will find a picnic in the forest (barbecues , chacha and wine from Alazanskaya Valley). In the evening return to Tbilisi.
Day 5
Transfer to Meskhetia (South Georgia . Stay in Borjomi . Here in Borjomi Park you can try directly from a spring real Borjomi water. After a rest you can climb to Borjomi plateau in the cable car. Dinner with enjoying the beauty of the Borjomi Gorge, ride the Ferris wheel. Then you visit to Khertvisi fortress and carved into the rocks Vardzija city – it’s not just randomly dug in the cliff cave rooms but real multi-storey complex with streets, tunnels and stairs, leading past monasteries, temples, castles, baths , libraries, residential buildings etc. In total over 600 rooms connected by passages, which stretched along the mountains in length by 800 meters, in depth up to 50 meters and in height on eight floors. When the enemies attacked the monastery became a refuge for civilians people and could accommodate up to 20,000 people. Dinner. Overnight at the “home style” hotel in Akhaltsikhe.
Day 6
Early morning transfer to Kutaisi airport and return home.
Already in the price

  • -Accommodation in hotel 3* Tbilisi
  • -Eating (2 times a day), picnic in Stephantsminda
  • -Transfer
  • -Guide services
  • -Visit to “Gurjaani house wine” and all masterclasses
  • -All entrance fees
  • -Visit to the “World of Wine” and tasting of sparkling wine
Extra payment
  • -Flight
  • -Accommodation in 4*- 5* hotels