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Asia Boat Driver

Asia is the biggest part of the world. Asian tours are not only rich with beautiful beach holidays (Maldives or the Seychelles), but as well with sightseeing – excursion tours (China, Japan). But also, tourists will be able to please themselves with a mixed holiday, do some sightseeing and spend some time on the marvelous beaches (India, Thailand, Indonesia, Dubai, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, etc.).
Tours to Asia from Riga are very popular in the winter, because at this time in Asia the weather is very pleasant and this is the best for beach holidays.
Tours to Asia in the summer. During the summer in South-Asia starts the “rainy season”, during this period, it is best to travel to Malaysia and discover a true unspoiled tropical paradise.
Traveling to Asia for the New Year holidays will fill you with new – extraordinary emotions. Special entertainment and incredible exotic selection of cuisine will be waiting for you.

Going on a trip to Asia, do not forget to get your Visa. Travel to Asia with BANITA TOUR! 

Choose Your Destination:


During your excursion trip to Cambodia you will learn about the ancient history of the country and it’s “exotic glamour“. While on holiday in Cambodia we recommend that you visit the country’s biggest pride – grandiose temples of Angkor, which is an ancient civilization heritage, built in the 5th century. Part of these temples are still hidden in the jungle … If possible, schedule you visit to the Angkor temple during the sunrise or sunset, you will experience the most colorful ancient architectural greatness.

During your tour through Cambodia, we suggest you visit the waterfalls Pnom Pnom Kulen and Bakor, situated near the home of hundreds of colorful butterflies; Next up visit the large lake Tonle Sap, which has a floating village in the middle. Various beaches, surrounded by unspoiled nature, delicious cuisine, exotic fruit abundance and friendly locals…

We guarantee – your exotic trip to Cambodia will be remembered for a long time!

Most travelers visit Cambodia from November to March. If you prefer to dodge the crowds and go when prices are lower, the best time to visit Cambodia is from May to early October. Cambodia is warm year-round with temperatures rarely dipping below 20°C, wherever you go. Seasons are broken into wet and dry season.


Vacation trips in exotic China will be so special and unique!

Leave the big China will be a meeting with visdaudzskaitlīgāko nation and possibly the most unique cultures in the world! Contrasts are at every turn: Asian desert glow that destroys all living, the South China tropical forest wealth, Tibet – “roof of the world” – the presence of eternal cold and glaciers in silence; Banks spoguļsienas Beijing elegant neighborhoods and bamboo huts with palm leaf roofs; local banks and international companies new, respectable employees who are fluent in English, and millions of farmers who only once a day can afford a hot meal, and meat – just a big celebration; millennial culture, signature philosophy and people crowd the streets, where no one is not ashamed to elbow themselves break the way to the bus or the subway door.

China is sufficiently diverse and large, therefore entice travelers to come again and again to travel to China include exotic travel list. Exotic China is a country rich in every sense – both the most populous and the world’s third largest currency reserves, as well as with all the rest – vis-vis …

It is therefore not surprising that UNESCO architectural and natural heritage in China has one of the largest in the world.


What can we say about Maldives? Probably not much, because this is probably the case, when it’s necessary to see it by yourself, because words cannot describe all the beauty and the pleasure that you will receive!

The highlights of our programs are custom routs through the most beautiful places of Maldives, which is not available for every tourist, and of course, low prices!



Thailand – world famous tourist destination, which is well-equipped with tourism infrastructure.

The best hotels and white sand beaches in Phuket and Samui islands, located one hour’s flight from Bangkok.

For those who wishe to get acquainted with the local culture and customs, we offer to learn about Thailand’s northern jungle, we recommend to visit Thailand’s the “Golden Triangle” – Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai.

With us you can also book and purchase airline tickets to Thailand at very competitive prices!


Excursion Tours

BANITA TOUR develops and offers a number of group and individual tour routes around Thailand. Our sightseeing-excursion tours are combined with a relaxing beach stay, that will be a great addition to your trip to Thailand.

Best time to visit Thailand is from late October till late March.


Beach Holiday

You can go on your trip to Thailand to the southern islands to enjoy an unforgettable beach vacation. Untouched beaches in Pattaya, Phuket, Koh Samui, Krabi, Khao Lak, Phi Phi and Koh Chang are a stunning and an unforgettable place to rest. Thailand’s beaches are a fantastic place for winter holidays!


Dream wedding in Thailand

You can choose to organize an unusual wedding in Buddhist style – in a temple, by the ocean or in a picturesque garden. During the ceremony, the monks will sing traditional Buddhist songs and bless you for a happy marriage.

If you prefer a more Europeans style wedding , you can choose from a simple option or a more elegant and incredibly luxurious ceremony.

Most wedding ceremonies take place in the garden or in the hotels, which will be located on/near the beach. However, Thailand also offers a lot of different options romanticists – can have a snow-white wedding ceremony in one of the Phuket Laguna and later go on a romantic trip to the coast, where you will enjoy the sun and chilled champagne. You can continue your wedding celebrations on a deserted island, whose only visitors will you. But if all this is not for you, you can choose to make your wedding ceremony under the water!


Excursion trip to Armenia? Excellent choice! First of all, because this country is one of the oldest, built from IX to VI century BC. Historical monuments, cultural and architectural wealth, Armenia can easily compete with Greece, Italy and possibly even Egypt…
One of the greatest treasures of Armenia is Yerevan – Armenia’s capital, where you will find the amazing 16th century fortress and inspiring heritage arcitecture and museums. Also, you will certainly enjoy Yerevan’s beautiful gardens and parks, colorful building made from different materials.

Close to Yerevan in Echmiadzin – where you will find the heart of Armenia “Echmiadzin Cathedral”, majestic temples, wonderful library, which houses about 30 thousand rare books, interesting art and history museums … It is worth to visit the ancient monastery Garni, located around 15 kilometers from the Yerevan.

During your excursion journey through Armenia, plan to visit the ancient town Armavir, founded as a fortress as far back as 8th century, Artashat, which survived till the present day, thanks to the efforts of archaeologists … The ancient Armenian cities are witnesses of ancient civilizations.

Great mountain landscapes, valleys and hills, ravines and wild river, mountain pastures, small lakes, historical and modern cities, rich in ancient castles and monasteries – that is Armenia that welcomes any travel lover.

The best time to visit Armenia is between the end of May and June or late September and October.


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